Single Channel Video with Audio, 10 Minutes, 2016

Thinking about death has always been disturbing to me. I have always wondered how did the culture of death and its invisible religious layers shape me as a woman? How does the fear of death construct a woman’s personality over generations and eventually how patriarchy goes through death and oppresses the female body? I am trying to visually articulate my lived experience regarding the concept of death and rituals and costumes related to it. I use a concentrated collection of texts from Iranian myths, historical texts, and my own memories, sounds and voices and also pictures.

Two different sounds are featured in this work. The first sound is a traditional mourning song called Moor. Women sing it by the grave while their loved ones are being buried. The other sound is my own voice singing lullabies that I heard as a child and that are still popular today. Many of these lullabies are about loss or the absence of parents.